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FEDERAL REGISTER: FEDERAL REGISTER - Searchable access to the Federal Register, the official daily publication for Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as Executive Orders and other Presidential Documents.



CRIMINAL SEARCHES - Obtain  photos and addresses of criminals.
ELDER LAW ANSWERS - Links to articles and Web sites related to estate planning.
FINDLAW - Legal search engine that searches for documents, legal guides or court decisions.
INTERNET LEGAL RESOURCES - List of free websites that provide links to legal information (including laws, bills, court opinions, and related documents), which is maintained by the Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington. Only the most important Washington State and U.S. sites are selected.
LAW.COM - Links to numerous sites designed for legal research.  Also covers the latest legal news and recent court case filings by state.  The information is geared toward the public, business, students and professionals.
LAW TOPICS - Covers antitrust; arbitration & mediation; bankruptcy; civil rights; constitutional; criminal; cyberspace law; elder; immigration; legal ethics; preventive law; tax; trusts and estates; and women and the law; among other topics.
LAWYERS.COM - Solid legal guidance on a wide range of topics.
LEGAL CONSUMER - Information on bankruptcy including how to file, links to federal forms, state bankruptcy esemption laws and a free "means-test" calculator to determine eligibility.
MARION BRECHNER CITIZEN ACCESS PROJECT - Comprehensive list of public access (freedom of information) to government information in all 50 states. It uses a rating system to determine the availability of public records in each state as well as a statement to indicate recent developments and trends.  (Some knowledge of the law or legal issues might be helpful in using this site.)
NOLO - Leading publisher of plain English law books and it offers information online for free.
PATRIOT ACT INFORMATION - Website created by Evergreen State College (Washington State) containing information pertaining to the USA Patriot Act.


INTERNATIONAL: ASIL Electronic Resource Guide (American Society of International Law) - often called the ERG is systematically updated and continuously expanded. It is designed to be used by students, teachers, practitioners and researchers as a self-guided tour of relevant, quality, up-to-date online resources covering important areas of international law.

The narrative format of the ERG is complemented and augmented by EISIL (Electronic Information System for International Law), a free online database that organizes and provides links to, and useful information on, web resources from the full spectrum of international law. EISIL's subject-organized format and expert-provided content also enhances its potential as teaching tool.
JOURNALS: ABA JOURNAL (American Bar Association) - Searchable access to articles and reports on current legal issues and legal trends that have a broad appeal.  Published by the American Bar Association, but necessarily aimed exclusively to lawyers.
JOURNAL OF INFORMATION LAW AND TECHNOLOGY (JILT)- Well-written, easy-to-understand articles related to issues that are facing the Internet and the computer world.  Also includes technology news about e-commerce, intellectual property, litigation and healthcare fields.
LAW ENFORCEMENT BULLETIN - Published monthly by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.





Supreme Court - The apex of the Federal Court system. The smallest and least political of the three branches of the federal government.

Code of Federal Regulations - Homepage for the Code of Federal Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations - Searchable database from FindLaw
Opinions of the Court -  Searchable database from FindLaw
Rules of the Court
U.S. Code - Entire U.S. Code with links to sites with updates (site developed by Cornell University)

Courts of Appeals - The intermediate appellate courts in the federal judicial system are the courts of appeals.

Decisions (Searchable database from FindLaw)

District courts - Most federal cases are initially tried and decided in the U.S. district courts, the federal courts of general trial jurisdiction.
Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation - Authorized to temporarily transfer to a single district, for coordinated or consolidated pretrial proceedings, civil actions pending in different districts that involve one or more common questions of fact.

LANDMARK CASES SUPREME COURT - full range of resources and activities to support the teaching of landmark Supreme Court cases.

NATIONAL INDIAN LAW LIBRARY - Maintained by the Native American Rights Fund (NARF).  Site provides free, invaluable, up-to-date coverage of federal and customary Indian law.

OPEN JURIST - Free access to almost 650,000 published court opinions, including opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court and regional courts of appeals.   (These are not the editorially enhanced opinions available in law books or in commercial databases.)


WASHINGTON STATE: Administrative Law (WAC)

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)


COURT SYSTEM - Washington State Courts homepage includes information about the Supreme Court,  Trial Courts, Court of Appeals, and all other Washington State Courts.  It also includes information about the rules of the court and recent opinions.

INTERNET LEGAL RESOURCES FOR WASHINGTON STATE - Part of a more extensive list of free websites that provide legal information maintained by the Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington.  This links directly to their list of sites that are relevant to Washington State.

WASHINGTON STATE COURT FORMS  - A list of forms used statewide divided by topic.

Local Court Rules - more local court information.
List of All Forms - a list of forms used in Washington State courts, not divided by topic.



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